New things in Sydney – cultural travel guides – VIDEO

Bara monument, Sydney Harbour. © Mark Bowyer

There are few arguments about the beauty of Sydney’s beaches and its harbour. The risk in Sydney is that they seem to overshadow the city’s other qualities – things that happen away from the stunning beaches and the harbour. These two videos introduce favourite, new Sydney things for cultural travellers. They may be things less familiar –  from our travel guides at Rusty Compass.

There are few arguments about the beauty of Sydney and its harbour. The Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the stunning body of water they complement, are every bit as spectacular as their best representations in film and print. We’re sure you were aware of these Sydney icons long before you arrived here. They’ve been consistently served up at the centre of Sydney’s international brand since the opening of the Opera House five decades ago.

Since we’ve been back home in Sydney creating our travel guides and experiences in the 2020s, at times it seems that the harbour’s beauty leaves the city’s many other great features  out in the cold. That means some visitors leave the city without an appreciation of the real city and its diverse offerings.

Of course, Sydney’s stories are far more textured and interesting than their telling in tourism marketing campaigns. From the dispossession of our First Peoples and the cruelty of the convict colony – both of which started here in Sydney – to the contemporary prosperity of the city, this place is packed with tales.

Our love of Sydney’s big stories – history, nature, architecture, neighbourhoods and multiculturalism – is central to what we do. Those things are our focus in these videos too.

Join us for a walk in Sydney!

Check out our Sydney tours here. Not only are these amazing Sydney experiences, they give you an opportunity to draw on our immense knowledge of the city.

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